Overhead doors line equipped with a strengthened structure which guarantees a high degree of protection from any burglary attempts.

The overhead door is always supplied with a CE plate with a serial number, installation manual, use-maintenance-security and declaration of DoP Performance in conformity with the new Regulation on the Construction Materials 305/2011 CPR and in compliance with the harmonized standard EN 13241-1.

Materials and Finishes:

  • Galvanized sheet
  • Powder coating (on request)


  • Made entirely with 12/10 bent sheet riveted metal panels
  • Counterweight system
  • Side rubber seal
  • Parachute device against casual closure of the
    mobile door
  • Version with non-protruding mobile door
  • Manual operation with possible motorization,
    on request
  • Installation manual
  • Certified product in compliance with UNI EN 13241 standards

Installation Schemes

Protruding version beyond light

Protruding version in light

Non-protruding version

All the measures are approximative.


Pedestrian door

Customized fanlight

Lock with 3 points
of closure


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