Made with highly insulated panels and insulating systems operating innovative, always ensure the maximum aperture of passage and minimum dimensions. Reliability ‘, robustness, utmost care of aesthetic finishes and cutting-edge technology to provide the best functional solutions. These are the characteristics of the doors Aiello ideal for any type of commercial lock and industriale.I Aiello Sectional Doors are made with highly insulating insulated panels 500 and 610 mm of height, 40 mm thick. The first and the last panel are equipped with black painted aluminum profile with EPDM seals. The Sectional Doors are fitted with guide rails galvanized steel complete with seals with clamps or mounting holes.

Which are applicable tax recovery 50% income tax and 10% VAT subsidized supplies to private customers.

The handling is ensured by balancing springs coil steel, powder painted side by ropes and certified by wheels with nylon bearings with their supports and galvanized steel hinges. The handle / tread lifting supplied in black pvc is embedded in the panel. All Sectional Doors are equipped with double anti fall (parachute) in the event of breakage of the ropes or springs bilanciamento.I doors can be manual or motorized and equipped with grills and portholes’ at the request of various dimensioni.Massimo exploitation of rooms passage, weathering resistance, maximum safety. DVLA request. All sectional doors come with certificate of CE marking according to standard EN 13241-1 Product., And come with manuals for installation, use and maintenance.


smooth panel pannellosezionale_liscia
striped panel pannellosezionale_rigato
slatted panel pannellosezionale_bidoga


parachute for spring break sezionali_accessorio1
top seal sezionali_guarnizione1
bottom seal sezionali_guarnizione2
side seal sezionali_accessorio2
oval porthole sezionali_aerazione1
rectangular portholes sezionali_aerazione2
ventilation grille sezionali_aerazione


Striped panel


Smooth panel


Panel ribs


Panel Cassettato