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All overhead doors are built to Aiello Sicurser centimeter, thus allowing to exploit the full width, with a particularly sturdy metal frame in tubular box, responding to customer needs quickly and effectively. The profiled back in one piece, are all equipped with emergency parachute in case of anomalies involved avoiding the falling of the curtain in compliance with EN 13241-1; and are reinforced thanks to the inner plate, then the thrust bearing of a possible engine.
Which are applicable tax recovery 50% income tax and 10% VAT subsidized supplies to private customers.
Overhead door galvanized steel counterweights, produced by Aiello, with CE marking according to standard EN 13241-1 Product.
Available sizes: L 200 to L 350 – H 220 to H 280 cm (nominal size) cm. in cm., and L.3.50 ° L. 5.00-H 220 to 260, for larger sizes on request. Side jambs 11 cm galvanized steel profile.
Not Overflowing overhead door in galvanized steel, counterweighted, produced by Aiello, with CE marking according to standard EN 13241-1 Product. Slide-away leaf, with two sliding points higher on the mobile and ceiling tracks, galvanized steel.
Available sizes: L 200 to L 450 – H 220 to H 260 cm (nominal size) for higher dimensions on request.
And ‘the new tilting steel elegant and secure, signed Aiello sicurser. The lining of the coat is done externally with metal sheets from 1.2 mm., In horizontal or vertical. Painted in RAL colors available on request, with polyester powder in oven for maximum weather resistance.
Built with mobile leaf fully galvanized tubular steel with a thickness of 15/10 section of 60 mm, reinforced by one or two omega profiles. , This structure is powder-coated epoxy dried in a kiln at over 180 ° with colors to match the coat. The shoulders profiled the one piece, are all equipped with emergency parachute that intervenes in case of anomalies avoiding the fall of the curtain and are reinforced thanks to the inner plate by 35×4, are well able to withstand the thrust
Aluminum is a material that combines lightness with strength of its profiles. Its main feature is its lightness, it weighs about one third of the iron, but at the same time is indestructible, since in relation to the type of alloy, it becomes very strong, rigid and elastic. The door frame and ‘made of galvanized steel tube with a thickness of 15/10 section of 60 mm, reinforced by u no or two omega profiles with seals around the entire perimeter of the door and painted to match the color according to the chosen upholstery.
This model is built with the same structure of wooden doors. The lining is made with 40 mm thick foam sandwich panels. Slatwall or caisson, arranged horizontally. Its originality lies in the door made ​​of insulated panels, thanks to the insulation protects the garage from thermal excursions and outside noise. Ensures excellent properties of dimensional stability and resistance to intrusion attempts.
Depending on the size of the cloth and the weight of the door, the accessories such as brackets door bearing, steel cables certificates, etc., Are adequately reinforced. A request for models std., Side seals and noise draft excluder made ​​of EPDM rubber; All these doors can be coated on the inside. Solidity, robustness and security are the basis of production Aiello Sicurser, that even for the cheaper versions using components and accessories made from raw materials whose quality characteristics remain unchanged over time. The variety of models satisfies every need, giving value outside the building.