Sectional doors Aiello Sicurser for their constructive characteristic consist of panels with double wall insulation and slide vertically upward, allowing optimum utilization of the surface. The insulation inside the panels is achieved by inserting a thick insulating layer. E ‘possible the insertion of transparent portholes and the pedestrian door inside the panels, including the various possibilities of motorization and coloring.

Which are applicable tax recovery 50% income tax and 10% VAT subsidized supplies to private customers.

Sectional doors Aiello Sicurser for their constructive characteristic consist of panels with double wall insulation, flowing vertically upwards, positioned parallel to the roof of the garage, saving space, both inside and outside of the garage, thus allowing the optimal exploitation of the surface.
The perfect combination of safety and light. The aluminum leaves room for further elements in transparent acrylic glass for an appearance of absolute value, provides more lighting inside and outside an excellent appearance.
Scorrevole residenziale
The door civil use horizontal scrolling, comprising insulated panels, is the solution for those situations where the installation of a normal sectional impracticable, such as a garage where the upper space is small, or where a wall “shaking”, constrain the useful area of passage. The lateral sectional, sliding parallel to the wall, overcomes these architectural constraints.
Made with highly insulated panels and insulating systems operating innovative, always ensure the maximum aperture of passage and minimum dimensions. Reliability ‘, robustness, utmost care of aesthetic finishes and cutting-edge technology to provide the best functional solutions. These are the characteristics of the doors Aiello ideal for any type of closing commercial and industrial.
ENERGY SAVING Using the sectional doors Aiello Sicurser you can protect your premises from the sun’s heat in the summer and intense cold in the winter, giving the user a chance to save on the costs of air conditioning and heating. All products are SICURSER STI according to UNI-EN 13241/1 in accordance with Directive 89/106 EC.