The side sliding sectional door is a valid alternative when it is not possible to install the traditional sectional door with vertical sliding due to the presence of ceiling impediments.

The sectional door is always accompanied by a CE plate with reference number, installation manual, use – maintenance – safety and declaration of Performance in accordance with the new Building Materials Regulation 305/2011 CPR and in compliance with the harmonised standard EN 13241-1.


  • Available with single door or with 2 symmetrical doors
  • Possibility of partial opening for the pedestrian crossing only
  • Vertically positioned insulated panels
  • Extreme Silence
  • Minimum space
  • Possibility to automate with towed motor
  • Available kit of brackets to hinder the uncoupling of the panels
  • Installation manual
  • Certified product in compliance with UNI EN 13241 standards


All the measures are approximative.

installation scheme

Sliding type


Black oval porthole

Rectangular porthole white, black or wood-like

Ventilation grille white or black