The Fire Doors are made up of a strong insulated galvanized steel leaf and hinged on a wall frame. Thanks to a careful design, manufacture and perfect resistance to fire, Aiello Sicurser Fire Doors are the ideal support to protect buildings and to mark areas, paths and emergency exits.


Univer fire doors are manufactured in fully galvanized metal sheet and RAL colour-painted Univer model is supplied with a frame on four sides which makes it reversible

It is suitable to be wall-fixed through ties and anchors.

REI 60 in compliance with UNI 9723 – 1 o 2 leaves

REI 120 in compliance with UNI 9723 – 1 o 2 leaves


Proget fire doors are manufactured in fully galvanised metal sheet and RAL colour-painted. Proget model includes a remarkable strong frame and it suitable for large doors or in case of application on inconsistent walls.

It can also be installed on masonry walls or drywall (an appropriate frame is supplied on request), with fastening by clamps, anchors or subframes

REI 30 in compliance with UNI 9723 – 1 o 2 leaves

REI 60 conforme UNI 9723 – 1 o 2 ante

REI 120 conforme UNI 9723 – 1 o 2 ante


  • Perfect fire resistance suitability
  • Ideal to protect open establishments, to fix areas, paths, emergency exits and entries
  • Fully galvanised metal sheet, hidden parts included
  • Frame on 4 sides which makes reversible the model
  • Suitable to be fixed on the wall through brackets or dowels
  • Pastel turquoise standard colour
  • Anti-scratch and embossed paint
  • Customization with a wide choice of RAL colours or NDD digital decor
  • Installation manual
  • Certified product in compliance with UNI EN 13241 standards

Materials and Finishes

  • Galvanized and RAL colour-painted steel
  • Paint for inside and outside areas


Fire door with digitalization

Fire door with digital painting


Panic bar Twist

Panic bar Slash

Handle with led which allows control access by electric impulse


Door closer

Closing regulator

Rectangular or round portholes with EI 60 o EI 120 glasses

Fire-resistant hinged door

Door with window

Double door with panic bar

Double leaf door

Universal door