The industrial sectional door is employed in small and medium-sized industrial premises Loading, discharge and transport operations are allowed.

The sectional doors are made up of double wall insulated panels, sliding vertically upwards, for a better exploitation of the surface. A thick insulated layer can be found inside the panels. Transparent portholes and pedestrian door can be added inside the panels; motorization and colouring are also available, on request.

The door is always supplied with a CE plate with a serial number, installation manual, use-maintenance-security and declaration of DoP Performance in conformity with the new Regulation on the Construction Materials 305/2011 CPR and in compliance with the harmonized standard EN 13241-1.


  • Mobile door made up of horizontal panels mm 500 or 600 tall
  • Vertical opening towards the upper side
  • It can be manufactured in several sizes, up to width mt. 7 and height mt. 5,5
  • Available in manual version with chain ropes and dead-man motorized version with side motor 220/380 or automatic with remote control fully equipped with security devices.
  • Pedestrian door supplied with an internal emergency push bar and external handle with lock and cylinder, with a minimum obstacle (low threshold) on the floor (30mm)
  • 4 sliding types: standard – semi-vertical – vertical – inclined
  • Installation manual
  • Certified product in compliance with UNI EN 13241 standards

Installation scheme (approximative parts)

Materials and Finishes

  • Plasticized or prepainted steel
  • On the external side RAL 9010, 9006, 9002, 5010
  • On the internal side, white embossed plaster 9010
  • Other colours on request


Pedestrian door

Ventilation grilles