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in all its needs and requirements.

Aiello Sicurser is a Sicilian company specialized in the design, production, installation and maintenance of residential, industrial and automatized closures, fire doors and automatized closures.

Our lasting experience offers customized solutions and interventions aiming at meeting our clients’ needs, following them from the pre-sale process to the post-sale one.

Our wide team of partners’ skills and the technologically advanced productive tools allow to work in an efficient way, offering timely services and reliable products which can solve the difficulties required by a modern selective, dynamic and demanding market


The experience gained in the sector has allowed Aiello Sicurser to conquer both the national and the international markets, challenging itself with a wide variety of businesses and learning to deal with different needs. Direct relationships with its customers, full understanding of their requests and the design of congruous solutions are at the basis of the mission that the company has been carrying out for years.


Balanced with galvanized roller shutter springs with flat profile
(agg. 10-12-2020)

Unbalanced galvanized roller shutter with flat profile
(agg. 10-12-2020)

Balanced with galvanized springs roller shutter with anti-storm profile
(agg. 10-12-2020)

Unbalanced with spring galvanized damper with Antistorm profile
(agg. 10-12-2020)

Balanced with spring insulated shutters
(agg. 10-12-2020)

Unbalanced insulated roller shutter
(agg. 10-12-2020)

Technical skills and excellent materials
have made our history .