The Overlap door is an innovative sectional door due to its unique opening system.

The overlap door is always supplied with a CE plate with a serial number, installation manual, use-maintenance-security and declaration of DoP Performance in conformity with the new Regulation on the Construction Materials 305/2011 CPR and in compliance with the harmonized standard EN 13241-1.


  • Absence of ceiling guides
  • Counterweight system
  • Vanishing motor
  • Aesthetics

Colours and Finishes:

Insulated smooth, lined and coffered panels, either with paint or decor foil.

On request, customised finishes in stone and other natural materials.


  • Self-supporting structure
  • Two panel jointed shutters, overlapping when opening
  • Balance through the counterweight, highly reducing the breaking and wear risks
  • Energy efficiency
  • Excellent thermal and acoustic performances

These features offer a pleasant aesthetic appearance on both sides, making the Overlap door a unique and innovative sectional door.

The attention to detail, the manufacturing technology and the wide range of finishes and coatings give as a result an external appearance that easily adapts to all types of constructions with an elegant and unique appearance.


The motorization of the Overlap Door is formed by matching electronics and motorization system with three magnetic frictions and a counterweight system, maximizing energy consumption.

Overlap has also got excellent water-tight performances, regarding air, water and wind Moreover, it guarantees a high level of noise insulation, during the manoeuvres and when external noises occur.