This horizontal sliding or revolving door and resistant to fire with leaves produced in coplanar insulated modules of steel sheet for internal divisions, compliant with UNI EN 16034:2014 and 13241:2003 + A2:2016. They can be employed in big premises like warehouses, workshops, parking garages and hangars.


  • It can be installed either on a load-bearing brick wall or insulated steel lintel or structure
  • Horizontal sliding guide, manufactured in press-folded and predrilled steel metal sheet, ready to be fixed through anchors
  • Fixable closure counterweight with a protective carter
  • Intumescent seals placed on all the labyrinths and under the door
  • Standard gate operation through thermal fuses
  • Installation manual
  • • Fire resistance classes: CE-marked REI2 120 and REI2 180,
  • Certified product in compliance with UNI EN 13241 standards

Materials and Finishes

  • Steel metal sheet honeycomb panels, insulated with suitable materials
  • pastel colours or RAL on request.

One leaf sliding gate

Two leaf sliding gate

Sliding gate with pedestrian door

Sliding gate